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In 1827 Sweet Lake or Bear Lake as we know it today, was located in Mexico. Just to clear that up, they didn’t move the lake they moved Mexico.

In June of that year William Ashley lead a pack train with supplies valued at $22,447 out of St. Louis, into the Bear Lake area. They left St. Louis on April 12, 1827. A four pound cannon mounted on wheels was the first wheeled vehicle ever to be taken to the mountains. the route taken would eventually become the famous Oregon Trail.

Mountain Men and Indians began to gather at the south end of the lake in June 1827. This would be near the town of Lake Town Utah.

An account given in Fred R Gowans book, Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, quotes Danial Potts record of a skirmish with about 20 Blackfoot Indian warriors who attacked and killed a Snake (Shoshone) and his squaw. The alarm was given and the Snake, the Utaws, and the Whites sallied forth for battle.

Now if you read the account given by Mr. James Beckwourth, it was an all-out battle, involving more than 300 Trappers and therebeckwourth allies. After six hours of battle, more than 173 Blackfoot scalps were taken. Mr. Beckwourth was known to stretch the truth just a bit.

This is just a short over-view of some of the history. The fun is researching this stuff, now days it’s an easy process. Just Google it.


When I first got into this Mountain Man thing, here, I’m not sure what to call it. Is it a “SPORT”? I’ve heard it called that. Are we “Buck-skinners”? That is a general term, some call themselves that, others are offended by it. We have been called a unregulated “Militia” by the U.S. Government, things like that are said when you don’t take the time to understand what your talking about.


I like to think of it as a celebration of our culture. To re-enact is to play a part, I’m no actor. So for me,I’m going to call it “Living History” museums to me are “Dead History” interesting but not even close to being as much fun.

As I was saying when I first got into this, I was told to get the book Mystic Warriors of the Plains by Thomas Malls. I was told it is the “Buckskinner Bible”. The Mountain Men of old lived much the same as our Native American brothers. Don Berry author of the book A Majority of Scoundrels, came to the conclusion that they actually became a tribe of there own.

That’s the way it was 30 years ago when I first got started. Things have changed to the point that a lot of these so called “Pre-1840 rendezvous” are nothing more than a place to sell anything that might resemble Indian stuff, with little or no regard for history. That’s not to say there aren’t some excellent rendezvous out there, there just getting harder to find.

The Bear Lake Rendezvous is not going to be just another run of the mill small town fund raiser. We intend to show respect for the history and and the people who created that history,to the best of our ability.

Thank you for all the help you are about to offer. We want to make this a fun and informative event for all. I recommend downloading and reading Philip Covington’s accounts. 

2014 Registration

Hello Folks,

As we sit out the cold and dark of winter we plan, organize and produce products. Our minds drift back to the bright, sunny and warm days of summer. We smile as we recollect the sounds, sights and smells of past rendezvous camps. 

phone jan 2014 571

The always familiar smell of fires burning and food cooking. The sounds of laughter as old buck-skinners tell tall tales of past meetings and  once again reunite with long time friends. 

The hustle and bustle of camps being set up and the smack of hammer against metal as tent stakes are driven. The smell of burned gunpowder and the sound of the muzzle blast as the shooters compete and wager for bragging rights and keepsakes. The morning chill and wet grass as the camp comes to life. Ok. Ok. Lets face it….we are addicted!!

phone jan 2014 575

Well its the time of year to start planning. The 1st annual Bear Lake rendezvous was an awesome event. We learned a lot. What we learned most is we have a great core group of participants and the community has embraced our event. Dates and times have been set and planning and strategies are well under way. We need your input and assistance to improve and further establish the Bear Lake Rendezvous.

00001Our website is coming to life. We now have the registration form download and print link on the registration page as well as here 2014 BLR Registration

We can accept personal checks, cashier check, money order, visa/mastercard

It is important for logistics to know ahead of time who we can plan on attending. First rights go to those who were attending and invited to return. At some point we will invite others to attend. We are limiting traders to maintain steady and productive growth. We also depend on early registration money to secure deposits on hooters, printing. marketing and expenses.

Keep your eyes peeled to our Facebook page facebook.com/bearlakerendezvous  as we begin to post BLR News articles about the progress and changes to the Bear Lake Rendezvous.phone jan 2014 583

If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact us.

Mail: PO Box 44 Woodruff UT, 84086

Call: 801-452-1518






New Website

Thanks for stopping by. We are re-designing/building our website. It will be up by the first of the year.

On our site you will be able to interact, see pictures, post pictures, register and share input.

Thank you.  Feel free to contact us at