Watch a fun TV promo featuring Kash and the Bear Lake Rendezvous!




Please click below to download the 2015 flyer to hand out to your friends, family and group

CLICK HERE  FOR 2015 flyer

2015 flyer.pub


Welcome to the official Bear Lake Rendezvous website. Below is the map and general itinerary. It is also printable. It has contact information and do’s and dont’s.

The Gate fees for the public are as follows:

  • Free to those dressed in period correct clothing.
  • $3.00 per person, per day 
  • Children under 12 are free

You may also contact us on:  Facebook.com/bearlakerendezvous

Click Here To Download and Print Map PDF map.jpeg


Click on image to enlarge and view 2015 camp layout

Use the Google map zoom features to see the exact location of the rendezvous. The marker is on the location. If you click on the marker you can get the coordinates to enter into your GPS. Once in Laketown Utah you will see signs off the highway to direct you to the site. We will also have site maps at the gas station in Laketown.